I Love The Gulf Coast

I have always felt a deep unity with the Gulf Coast region. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

It was physically heartbreaking to stand on Orange Beach and watch the oil wash ashore. I thought of the other disasters I have witnessed; events which provoked the same feelings of inarticulate and negative shock: I never imagined a [place] I love could be so unilaterally destroyed. I thought about what would happen if the oil spill was washing up on the shoreline of Miami Beach, the Florida Keys, Long Island, Cape Cod, Acadia National Park; places where the population has enough money, media and empowerment to force change.

Project M is a valid and important forum. It brings people to Alabama who understand that the language of advertising can be used as a vehicle for local empowerment and social change. This is missing from the culture of Alabama (a place with very few billboards). We don’t subvert media for our own purposes.

Imagine standing on the shore of your favorite beach, watching the surf, brown oil cresting over the top of each wave. Then, imagine looking out over the water at the horizon and realizing that oil is still pouring out of a broken rig, less than 100 miles from where you are.

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