Fold & Go Gallery Space

Feeling stymied by the art world? Fold and Go Gallery Space provides you with your own 3″ x 3″ gallery space…

Love Through The Voice Of Elvis

Love is inarticulate or speechless most of the time. This book contains 1″ x 2″ cue cards, to be read (not sung) aloud when one is at a loss for words in situations of love. Each cue card has an …

Dehydrated Condensed Love Letters

Opened and digested love letters serve as relics of being in love. The condensed love letters in this book are from the large and unruly collection I accumulated in high school and college (time has not diminished the excessive overflow

Cross-Country Road Trip (Routes 80, 90, 40 And 10)

The colored envelope contains an approx. 1” x 5” map, which displays the entire path of a highway across the United States, sized to fit in the palm of your hand.