Fold & Go Gallery Space

Feeling stymied by the art world?Fold and Go Gallery Space provides you with your own 3″ x 3″ gallery space to fulfill all your art school dreams. Comes with 4 white walls, door and choice of floor surface (hardwood or gunboat gray)

5″x5″, archival inkjet and mixed media, 2005

Love Through The Voice Of Elvis

Love is inarticulate or speechless most of the time. This book contains 1″ x 2″ cue cards, to be read (not sung) aloud when one is at a loss for words in situations of love. Each cue card has an excerpt of an Elvis song from the years 1953

Dehydrated Condensed Love Letters

Opened and digested love letters serve as relics of being in love. The condensed love letters in this book are from the large and unruly collection I accumulated in high school and college (time has not diminished the excessive overflow of angst and hormones in these letters). They have been soaked in water, folded into bouillon-shaped cubes and dried to serve as generic talismans for love. Each box contains 5 condensed love letters.

1″x2″, box: archival inkjet, 2004.

Bridge Book

New York City is not located on solid land. It is a nebulous web of islands strung together by bridges, perched precariously on the edge of the continent. This is a collection of the names of all the major bridges in New York City.

2″x3″, 30 pages, laser print, 2003.

Hearts For Your Sleeve

Designed to reference first-aid packaging, this book in the form of a box transforms a cliche into reality. The box contains 5 human hearts to be pinned to your sleeve. This book is for office environments, political and global conflicts, blossoming romances and various unstable social situations.
5″x3″x1″, archival inkjet, 2004