Anger Management (Stage 3)

This book was made over the course of one month. I printed one run a day, not planning what I was going to print or what color I was going to use until I got to the press that day.

Letterpress printed. Single page book structure. 8″ x10.5″ (open), 4″ x 3″ (folded). Edition of 35. 2010.

Hearts For Your Sleeve

Designed to reference first-aid packaging, this book in the form of a box transforms a cliche into reality. The box contains 5 human hearts to be pinned to your sleeve. This book is for office environments, political and global conflicts, blossoming romances and various unstable social situations.
5″x3″x1″, archival inkjet, 2004

Untitled (Awakenings)

This book is about the biology of love and loss. The text is composed of scientific facts about hormones and a personal narrative about falling out of love.

Letterpress printed on Arches paper. Pamphlet structure with perforated tabs and fold-out pages. 4.5 x 3 inches, 4 pages with fold-outs, edition of 20, 2009.