The Farmville aquifer

I’m reading a book with great overview of the messy history of school integration : Brown v. Board of Education: A Civil Rights Milestone and Its Troubled Legacy by James T. Patterson. This book is making me think that the battles for integrated public schools are where this country became what it is today (and current public school battles still speak to larger issues in our community and culture… just check out what has happened in my current hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL in the last six months here  and now here )

But today is about weird Farmville and has nothing to do with all of that (maybe…).

The house I stay in is across the street from a recent mass-murder house. Find out more here.

When the story about this mass-murder was told to me earlier this week, there was a little debate about which mass-murder house I lived across from, because apparently this neighborhood has a few (including a professor who axe-murdered his wife). A neighbor up the street told me there is an aquifer running under this whole neighborhood, and that’s why there were so many extremely violent murders here.

Also, Vince Gilligan, who is the main writer for both X-Files and Breaking Bad, grew up in Farmville. I can honestly say he probably drew a lot of material from here. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and there is a strange, almost uncomfortable energy here (which has nothing to do with the mass-murder house I live across from). I think it is the aquifer.